Spa Packages

We are currently offering the following packages:  Calm Clarity, Shakti, Custom Package, Dragontree Signature Massage, and the Dragontree Signature Facial.  We are also offering our Head to Heel and Sweet and Simple in our Sangha room. 
We hope to offer more packages in the future.


These treatment packages feature complementary groups of therapies, and may include full body massage, facials, acupuncture, Ayurvedic treatments, body scrubs, steam immersion, the whole array of Sangha Room treatments, and more.

All spa packages include a complimentary 30-minute sauna session. We suggest arriving early to take a sauna before your treatment. You can read more about the individual therapies contained in each package by locating them elsewhere in the menu. If you don’t find a combination that best suits your needs, feel free to combine services into your own personalized package. If you would like assistance, please call us. We are glad to help.

Add a spa lunch to any spa package. Choose from our menu of healthy and delicious options. $16

The Dragontree Massage

You will begin with an aromatherapy foot bath, then retreat to your private massage room. Once there, you will be covered in hot fennel packs while you enjoy an aromatherapy steam treatment using essential oils chosen to relax and uplift you. A one hour full body Swedish massage follows, which finishes with a hot towel cleanse. $150

Calm Clarity

First we will clear away the old by exfoliating dead cells and debris, opening the pores, invigorating the circulation, and repairing the skin with our Ayurvedic Skin Brushing and Medicated Oil Treatment.  Then your skin will welcome an infusion of nourishing oils through a relaxing Swedish massage.  Finally, you’ll linger a bit longer in la-la land with a rich and emollient warm milk foot bath. $185

Element Infusion

Start with a refreshing and invigorating scrub of cold salts and aromatic plant oils on your legs and feet. Then immerse them in a warm aromatherapy foot bath. Next, your scalp will be deeply massaged for 10 minutes with warm oil. Finally, you’ll retreat to a private massage room for a 90 minute Deep Tissue massage. $203

Custom Package

Embark on your journey in our Sangha room with your choice of foot bath: salt, milk, honey, pain relief, or aromatherapy. Then choose from one of our 20 minute massages: feet, hands, or neck & shoulders. Next, adjourn to a private treatment room for a 60 minute full body massage of your choice: Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Abhyanga. Finally, treat your complexion to a Daydream facial. $221

Hands, Feet, Head, Body

You will begin by soaking your heroic feet in a warm honey bath. Meanwhile, your hands will be rewarded for all their service with a 10 minute hand massage. Then you’ll enjoy a 20 minute head/neck/shoulder massage and a foot massage for 20 minutes while your hands are wrapped in warm paraffin. Conclude with an hour-long full body Swedish massage. $241


Start with a rich and emollient milk foot bath. Then retreat to a private massage room to continue your journey with an relaxing aromatherapy facial steam immersion while you lie covered in warm fennel packs to melt away your stress. Next, experience supreme bliss as one of our expert therapists gives you an hour long full body massage followed by a warm towel aromatherapy cleanse. Complete your treatment with a Custom Facial with one of our highly trained skin care specialists. $262

Sacred Journey

First, you will melt as one of our skilled therapists massages your scalp with warm oil. Meanwhile, your feet will soak in a sweet and rejuvenating honey bath. Next escape to a cozy room and experience an Ayurvedic Skin Brushing with Medicated Oil Treatment. Then let us ease your tension with an hour of Swedish massage.  Finally, treat your complexion to a Custom Facial tailored to your skin’s needs. $348

A Day out of Time

Soak in a hot foot bath (your choice of honey, milk, salt, pain relief, or aromatherapy) while your hands are soothed in the penetrating warmth of melted paraffin. Continue with a 30 minute foot massage. Next, you’ll enjoy a tasty and nutritious spa lunch with tea service. Then escape to your private massage room for a 90 minutes full body Swedish massage. Finally, conclude your journey with a 90 minute Custom Facial. $385

Sweet Solace

Start with an hour-and-a-half aromatherapy massage to thoroughly soothe every inch of your body. Then, gently re-emerge with a milk and honey foot bath. Meanwhile, your burdened head, neck and shoulders will receive the extra 30 minutes of massage they’ve been craving. Then take a break for a tasty spa lunch and tea. After your belly is as satisfied as your muscles, you’ll continue your treatment with an extended 75 minute customized facial with additional lip and eye care. Finally, nourish your hair and give your overworked brain a vacation with a warm rosemary oil scalp treatment. $439