Foot Baths

A pleasure that is as exquisite as it is simple.
All foot baths $30

Herbal Pain Relieving Foot Bath

A complex blend crafted especially to invigorate circulation and relieve soreness, swelling, and pain.  Many clients find this bath helpful for headaches, cramps, and other pain as well.

Aromatherapy Foot Baths

Scents are able to slip past any mental processing and go straight to the brain, triggering memories, emotions, and profound physiological responses. Our baths use high quality essential oils to awaken the body’s healing mechanisms and lift the spirits.

Warm Milk Foot Bath

Discover why the cow is sacred in India… Hailed as the essence of motherly love, sweet whole milk and rich emollient buttermilk feed the feet and soften the skin. A lovely tactile experience.

Healing Salt Foot Bath

Our salt bath, a hypersaline blend of Himalayan pink salt, Mediterranean sea salt, and Epsom salt, is rich a in wide range of essential minerals. These salts support detoxification, relieve soreness and pain, calm the nervous system, soften skin, and soothe rashes.

Honey Bath

Honey is full of energy: a pound of it equals the life work of approximately 300 bees! Indulge in our honey infused bath for a rejuvenating, soothing, anti-inflammatory, nutritious, antiseptic treat for the feet.