Do you have big dreams but no time?

Do you feel pulled in a million directions with no clear way to prioritize?

Do you resist planning and organization?

Do you want more of the sweet stuff – things like friends, health maintenance, and play – when it seems like there’s so much else that needs to be taken care of?

We get it.

The Rituals for Living Dreambook+Planner is a fantastic tool for creating a meaningful life with more joy and less overwhelm, but maybe you need a little extra training on how to do this for yourself, in a way that’s sustainable and unique to you, and your lifestyle.

That’s why we created Dreaming And Planning: Create Your Well Life, a 9-week course on crafting your life to maximize “the sweet stuff”, achieving your big goals, AND having more full, loving, and meaningful relationships with the people who matter the most to you!

Because maybe…

  • you haven’t even started ‘cause you can’t “find” the time.
  • you can’t decide what to focus on
  • you don’t have the discipline and motivation to stick with it
  • you have good intentions of adding sweetness to your life, but on-the-daily, it’s just not happening.

…you’re just plain overwhelmed

Having a tool for growth and evolution sitting on a shelf is about as useful as having a just one walkie talkie.

Or perhaps you’re already doing the work, but you want to go deeper.  

That’s where Dreaming and Planning: Create Your Well Life comes in.

We created the Dreambook in order to teach people how to balance self-care and work, playing and strategic goal setting, connecting to your source of inspiration and having all the material abundance you could want.

But you have to really dive in and do the work, and the deeper you go, the more value there is.  And that’s what this course is all about, doing the work, going deeper, and implementing while you go – working toward YOUR GOALS.

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  • “Having Briana lead a Dreambook Workshop for our mastermind program was the best possible way to kick off and inspire our entrepreneurs. Starting a business can be overwhelming, let alone starting and running several. Having Briana’s calm, grounded energy to walk our women through her process of getting so much done every day and still loving her life was a true joy. The system created with the Dreambook is both super functional and fun, it allows entrepreneurs and busy professionals to have a solid game plan for up leveling their life. I will definitely be including a Dreambook Workshop and Planner in every one of our programs.” – Rachel Tenenbaum, CEO & Founder Self-Help Socialite

  • “After considering what to gift my team with for the New Year – something that would offer us deep connection to ourselves and each other, and that would set us all up for true success in the year to come – I decided to purchase Dreambooks & Planners for everyone and have Briana teach us a Dreambook Workshop.  We were absolutely blown away!  The Dreambook takes the complexities of life, desires, and responsibilities, and helps it all find its way into our lives with ease and grace.  As we went through the process with Briana, the team kept saying how relieved they felt to see everything flow together, without having to sacrifice health, relationships, or spiritual connection.  The whole experience was a dream, and Briana is a brilliant teacher and guide.  Briana has told me for years that “Balance does exist”, and now that I’ve experienced the Dreambook & Planner firsthand, I see that she’s absolutely right.” – Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach

Imagine . . .

A life where you’re making the impact your soul is calling you toward.

A life where you’re using your gifts fully and it enlivens and nourishes you.

A life full of healthy, loving relationships.

A life of grace and abundance, where you regularly feel grateful and connected.

A life in where self-care is a priority, and its practice is full of ease. 

A life that in the end, is full of sweet beautiful memories, and no regrets.

We’ve personally used this system to help us open numerous spa locations, start a line of Apothecary products that’s sold across the country, open, build and sell a cafe, run a successful Kickstarter and create the Dreambook, manage huge teams, take extended vacations, stay connected to our community, prioritize family, and play in our creativity, all while maintaining our self care.

No system, product, or tool can do it for you. But, we promise you this: if you earnestly go through the Dreambook and do the work, it will make a huge difference in your life.  

And this course will help you do just that.  But not with just MORE INFORMATION, but while implementing what you’re learning each week with your dreams and goals.  

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What if your work was aligned with your soul?

What if you used your gifts and following your purpose?

What if you made time in your life for pure enjoyment?

What if your to-do list didn’t stress you out?

What if you knew your actions were truly purposeful?

There’s a way for you to feel calm and peaceful while effectively planning for meaningful success.  
A way for you to be really present with your family, your work, your play, yourself.
 A way to feel like every day you’re creating exactly what you want in life.  

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We want to show you the way.

  • “Listening to Briana teach is like being glued to the words of an ass-kicking, truth-telling angel warrior. I appreciated her honesty, wisdom and humor. Love her reminder that the universe needs to know we are serious so that it can meet us halfway.” – Lisa Kroll”

  • “I can’t even begin to put into words how I appreciate the work Briana Does, and the time she spent with us. I feel like a new woman, and I can honestly attribute most of that to the Dreambook + Planner. I am forever grateful for your time in workshop with us. I have been able to make the connection between work and personal life, what I need and what I want, the goals, AND the execution. The quarterly planning was key. I’ve never been able to figure out that connection piece: I had goals, and I had a planner, but I wasn’t making progress. Big hugs to you sister!

    I’ve started incorporating rituals in my life and have noticed so many sweet moments. I’ve enjoyed more time with my husband, I’m happier, and one ritual in particular {making something in my space beautiful each day} has given me a renewed appreciation for what I have and a different way to look at things. Forever indebted to this course!” – Tiffany Manley


How It Works

Participating in this online course is easy. Starting today, and continuing every Monday for nine weeks, you will receive your weekly video lessons. Each lesson within the module is full of information but easy to consume.  We know your time is valuable so we’ll give you lots of quality content without any fluff, You will spend your time living your life and implementing these principles, not listening to someone ramble.

In this 9 week course we’ll guide you through the steps, mindset shifts, and practical structure for creating a goal that you’ll set through the program.  We’re not just going to give you theory, you’re going to be implementing and creating along the way.  

By the end of the 9 weeks, you’ll not only have learned how to create a meaningful life, you’ll have implemented the exact steps and have an experience of how powerful and magical you really are.  Starting with the first week you’ll be doing the work and seeing results.

Over 9 entertaining, inspirational, and educational weeks, you’ll learn:

  • How to bust through procrastination
  • How to get crystal clear around your goals
  • Overcoming overwhelm and plan for your long-term future [without wanting to cry]
  • Short term planning for big goals
  • What to do when resistance creeps in and you’d rather watch  viral videos all day rather than working on your big dreams
  • How to bring more discipline into your life, and love it 
  • How to consistently tap into inspiration
  • How to create a schedule that is focused and flexible
  • Where to fit in your self-care, family, and a social life that rocks

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But more than that, you’ll be DOING it.  

If you struggle with creating a life that feels balanced, successful, and meaningful, this course is for you.  

We’re dedicated to your success, your happiness, and your health.  We believe it’s time to abandon the outdated model of working yourself into the ground for the promise of success in the future. It doesn’t mean you can’t work hard – we think hard work is great – but it can be done with consciousness, balance, and grace.

Dreaming and Planning: Create Your Well Life begins now!

You’re going to love it!  We’ve poured our hearts into this course for you, and we can’t wait to see what you create out of your precious, beautiful life.


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Our happiness guarantee:  We care about your experience and your success, so if you participate fully and aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days, we’ll return your money in full.