Are you ready to expand?

Do you know what finna, on fleek, stan, and W mean? If I didn’t have a teenager I probably wouldn’t either. (I’ll provide definitions below.) The older (and possibly lamer)… Read More

Bring yourself into balance now

  Happy (almost) spring equinox! At the halfway point between the solstices, the equinox is a time of balance between day and night, hot and cold, and yin and yang…. Read More

[Video] Experiencing Greater Freedom

Discover a transformative practice for experiencing greater freedom with Dr. Peter Borten. Click below to watch the video and start your journey towards more spaciousness.

[Video] Natural Topical Pain Relief

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[Video] How We Get Out Of Stress

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Can You See People’s Light?

Over the years of getting to know the graduates of our life coach training program, I’ve found that everyone has a special gift (or several). One that’s especially beautiful to witness… Read More