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Wellness Articles

By Dr. Peter Borten

The Sound of Healing
September 08, 2015
The Sound of Healing

Last week I wrote about the power of the voice, how the voice connects us and enables us to expand....

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Balance Through the Belly: The Anatomy Lesson You Never Got
November 17, 2015
Balance Through the Belly: The Anatomy Lesson You Never Got

This month, I’ve been writing about balance. As beings who are immersed in the phenomenal world with seven billion others,...

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An Imbalance Between Movement and Stillness
October 13, 2015
An Imbalance Between Movement and Stillness

One of the things I love about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is its ability to distill complicated problems down to...

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What are our clients saying?

My daughter and I booked two specials as a treat. We both felt incredibly pampered by the skilled staff members and the serene atmosphere - we are looking forward to doing this again!

Dawn B / Portland Spa Client

Thank you for creating this journal! I can see myself using it as a morning ritual for far longer than just 108 days, since the next time I go through the pages I will be a different person with different insights and experiences. The writings inspire deep introspection, and while some are more meaningful to me than others, they all challenge me to question myself and look for better understanding.

Patricia E / Rituals For Transformation Journal

The ambience and all the care providers were perfect. I’m 73 and have been getting facials regularly for over 30 years and Gabrielle is one of the best.

Merle D / Boulder Spa Client

I was happy to be able to get in with out a lot of notice, and Rob did an amazing job! I am never disappointed with the service, from reception to treatment. I love this place. I recently moved away from the NW area, and still am happy to drive 20 miles to come pamper myself. Love the entire team.

Pashia F / Portland Spa Client

Hands down my favorite spa in the area. I've been coming here for over 10 years! I LOVE the ambience of Dragontree. It's a magical experience attending no matter the service, even if it's just for a foot soak. I've enjoyed wonderful services here over the years and if you're local, I highly recommend the monthly subscription!

livinthekailife / Denver

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