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Meet Our Exceptional Team

At Dragontree , we believe nurturing not just the body, but the soul. Our dedicated team of healers is here to support your journey towards inner peace and outer radiance. Each member embodies a deep commitment to your well-being, offering a blend of expertise and heartfelt care. Together, we strive to create a more peaceful world by nurturing peaceful individuals, one transformative experience at a time.

Massage Therapists

Blair Brown (she/her)

Originally from New Orleans, it wasn’t until Blair moved to Austin, TX that she found her calling to bodywork. Blair graduated from Texas Healing Arts Institute in 2012 and quickly thereafter trained in Ashiatsu Massage. Blair’s massage style has been described as “the best of both worlds”, offering relaxation alongside deep, focused work to relieve tension and pain. Her work is holistic and intuitive, utilizing trigger point therapy, deep tissue, and Swedish techniques to offer pain relief and facilitate restriction-free movement. Outside of work, you’ll find Blair climbing, practicing yoga, and mountain biking.

Gayatri Devillier (she/her)

Gayatri graduated from the US Career Institute in April 2019 and integrates her knowledge of functional anatomy through yoga in her massage practice. In 2005, she began studying Ayurvedic therapies and yoga at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat with local Ayurvedic practitioners, and assisted with Pancha Karma. Gayatri specializes in deep relaxation, trigger point, pregnancy, and deep tissue massage, with a special interest in treating headaches, neck, and shoulder issues. She brings compassion and trauma-informed care to her work. Gayatri believes the best massage comes from connecting with each client to create a personalized session that brings results. Her approach is attentive, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth.

Nidhi Contessa (she/her)

Nidhi began her massage training in earnest when she experienced the magic of bodywork, which caused her lower back problems of 10 years to disappear. She was hooked! Nidhi graduated from the McKinnon School of Massage (Oakland) and provides custom sessions drawn from her years of training and experience. She specializes in Swedish, foot massage, and Ayurvedic treatments to soothe the nervous system and release “feel-good” hormones like oxytocin. She provides custom sessions tailored to your needs, drawn from jin shin do, reflexology, polarity, The Rosen Method, Vitaflex footwork, Japanese foot massage, Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, and Ayurveda. In her spare time, she loves to be in her flower garden, studying astrology charts, meditation, detox juicing, hiking/strolling in nature, continuing to learn, practice and read. She has immense gratitude for all her teachers.

Angela Delsanter (she/her)

Angela graduated from The Colorado School of Healing Arts in 1999 and has been practicing massage for the past 23 years. She specializes in deep tissue, neuromuscular, trigger point, Swedish, and prenatal massage. Her personal experience with migraines has contributed to her specialty with specific neck work. She is also a cancer survivor and has worked with many who share this narrative, incorporating their survival story into the framework of the session and paying attention to the specific sensitivities that accompany the recovery process. Clients can expect Angela to deliver deep pressure while still providing an overarching theme of fluidity and relaxation. As a professional dancer for over 25 years, Angela is very passionate about movement and flow, with a love of incorporating movement modalities into her work. She is a lover of receiving bodywork and believes others should enjoy the work they receive and feel like their needs have been heard and accommodated.

David Lindheim (he/him)

 David received 700 hours of training at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in Sámara, Costa Rica. After graduating in December 2021 and receiving his license, he started his practice by working with guests at different eco-lodges and retreat centers in Costa Rica and Panama. Since then, he has advanced his skills and developed a more intuitive approach to tending to the bodily needs of his Clients. David is skilled at providing Deep Tissue, Swedish and Craniosacral Therapy technique.

David is passionate about using massage to help clients feel more relaxed and at home in themselves. He believes that healing can come in many forms, and that listening to our bodies and tending to our most basic needs is a good place to start. Every client receives an integrated and attuned treatment plan that addresses their individual needs and treatment goals.

Hanna Gissler (she/her)

Hanna graduated from Denver integrative massage school in 2014 and has a decade of experience. She worked at the Dragontree from 2016-2020 and is so happy to be back! Hanna is also an acupuncturist, and specializes in treating pain. Her approach to massage takes into account the meridian system and emphasizes deep nervous system relaxation—this is where healing happens. Having experienced multiple car accidents and years of chronic pain as a result, Hanna has first hand experience of how physical pain and tension can have a major impact on quality of life. Hanna brings open-hearted presence and utilizes effective techniques to help release areas of constriction in the body. Hanna believes that Healing happens when we slow down. We live in incredibly yang times, always on the go, striven consuming information, trying to keep up with this quickly evolving world...and our nervous systems are suffering for it. Chinese medicine is all about balance. Balancing the yang—with yin. Yang qualities are action, movement, heat, light, and outward expansion. Yin qualities include rest, stillness, coolness, darkness, and turning inward. Health and wellness exists in the dynamic balance of yin and yang. Yin time is about making time for yin activities to restore all of the yang energy we expend in our busy lives. It’s about pending time in nature, self care, and cultivating stillness. 

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