Physical Fitness and Wellness

The Magic is in Your Nose

I was wandering around in a hardware store the other day, feeling rather hot and stuffy in my mask – and also a little anxious – when I realized my… Read More

How to Be Resilient

Almost every year I witness the same tragedy in Boulder. The daffodils emerge, the trees put forth tender leaves and delicate flowers, and my heart swells with the natural resurrection… Read More

Tips for Kicking a Cough

Back when I was a graduate student doing my internship in Chinese Medicine, I got my first patient whose chief complaint was a lingering cough, and I remember thinking, “This… Read More

The Six Keys to a Good Massage

*** CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR NEW ‘LEARN HOW TO MASSAGE’ COURSE *** From the beginning, Briana and I agreed that if The Dragontree could be well known for… Read More