Nature’s Healing

Tips for Kicking a Cough

Back when I was a graduate student doing my internship in Chinese Medicine, I got my first patient whose chief complaint was a lingering cough, and I remember thinking, “This… Read More

Are Clocks Boring?

This morning I felt a slight pang of sadness when my seven-year-old daughter told me, “Clocks are boring.” She was looking at a silver ladybug on a chain. The ladybug’s… Read More

The Six Keys to a Good Massage

*** CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR NEW ‘LEARN HOW TO MASSAGE’ COURSE *** From the beginning, Briana and I agreed that if The Dragontree could be well known for… Read More

The Language of the Seasons

Sometimes I think about moving to a place where it’s always warm, like southern California or Hawaii, but it seems that every time I mention it, there’s someone around who… Read More

Nature’s Crystal Ball

Of all the ancient books that are still widely read, one of the most unique is the Yi Jing (often referred to by its old spelling, I Ching), The Book… Read More

The Magical Life

Previously, I wrote about being guided by a teacher to engage with Nature, and how I came to recognize how essential this is for whole health and a deeper understanding… Read More

Go Be Fascinated

A professor of mine once admonished me to stop reading books. “Throw them away!” this burly Iranian man growled. The thing is, I love books. I love the typefaces and… Read More