Relationships & Forgiveness

Assume Generously

Even though your grandma told you not to assume because it “makes an ass out of you and me,” assuming is part of life. In fact, if you avoided making… Read More

Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day to come together to support the causes and organizations we care about.  The Dragontree values it’s clients and the community that supports us… Read More

Thank You

When my wife was a teenager, her stepmother one day advised her that if she didn’t have anything nice to say to someone, she could instead try saying, thank you…. Read More

Tap Into Your Inner Illuminator

Last week Briana and I had a deeply gratifying experience. We led the first training of our advanced life coaches – we call them “Illuminators” – and it went amazingly… Read More

An Experiment in Shaping Life

Anniversaries have been coming up a lot recently. Besides The Dragontree’s anniversary this month and my upcoming wedding anniversary, numerous friends are experiencing the anniversaries of both happy and sad… Read More

How to Get Lucky on Valentine’s Day

This year, Americans are projected to spend $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts, which just goes to show you what a powerful force Love is. Because, more than anything else,… Read More

Love, the Verb

It was 1985, and just in time for puberty I got some good lessons on the power of Love. I learned that you don’t need money, that it don’t take… Read More

You Are the Light of the World

Last week I wrote about forgiveness as the ultimate psychological cleanse. The emphasis of the article was on forgiving other people, because most of us have plenty of work to… Read More