Cucumber Spirulina Masque!

With the onset of a few warms days, it looks like summer is inching closer and closer. One of my favorite products for warm summer days is the Cucumber Spirulina Masque by Livia. It feels great especially on hot days because of its cooling properties and it’s great for sunburns too! It’s perfect for most skin types, it eliminates inflammation and is very calming to the skin.  Spirulina promotes healing by increasing the skin’s cellular regeneration rate and it can also inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast and fungi. Cucumber is very hydrating and replenishing to dry irritated skin. The masque is gentle enough to use daily. I like to use the masque on problem areas as it helps speed up healing and also helps with redness and inflammation. If you have been spending time in the sun and your skin is in need of a little extra attention, then I would highly recommend the Cucumber Spirulina Masque!

-Carlie (FOM Dragontree Thurman)

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