Lost your bliss?


Do you feel you have lost your bliss lately? You keep looking for it, hoping to find it somewhere. Nope….it’s not in the bottom of your laundry basket…..I looked in the closet too…..I can’t find it anywhere. Life can get pretty crazy. The demands of work, school, kids, social engagements and the mundane day to day tasks can sure make all the Zen in your life seem like it has gone M.I.A.

Zen, bliss or “your happy place” can be so many different things, objects or people. Maybe your Zen is petting your cat, laughing with a friend, taking a hike or just sitting quietly staring at a wall. (Hey I don’t judge) It’s important to make those things a priority. Finding some bliss is good for your soul and your health by lowing stress levels and releasing feel good endorphins. Not only does this lower stress but it will help you become more present in life. It’s like a little nap for your soul.

Whatever it is, I encourage you to make time to “Zen” out.  Take moments to breathe, clear your mind, relax and just be.

If you need a little help in this department we have several bliss experts at The Dragontree. Whether you come in for a foot soak, massage, facial or just stop by to chat, walking in the door is sure to bring you some peace. Schedule your bliss today.

-Christy (Back of House Manager, The Dragontree NW)

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