Twenty Reasons to Exercise

Our focus this month is exercise. The benefits of exercise are so tremendous and diverse that nearly any health issue will benefit from it, and nearly any life will be enriched and prolonged by it. We live in a unique time when exercise has become optional for so many in the developed world, but it’s best if we don’t think of it that way.

The body needs to be moved, stretched, and worked in order for both it and the mind to stay healthy. We used to accomplish this naturally by fetching water, chopping wood, digging, walking, climbing, carrying, squatting, scrubbing, playing, etc. Now that we have the “luxury” of sitting all day, exercise is something of an artificial construct. Be that as it may, we might as well embrace it and find forms of exercise that we enjoy.

Here are 20 reasons to make exercise a non-negotiable part of your routine:

  1. It improves our quality of sleep. (Read more)
  2. It reduces our risk of certain cancers (breast, colon, and perhaps lung and uterine). (Read more)
  3. It helps prevent development of type 2 diabetes. (Read more)
  4. It makes us look better. Beyond weight loss, we look more vital with exercise. (Read more)
  5. It lowers our blood pressure and improves our cholesterol profile. (Read more)
  6. It reduces our risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. (Read more)
  7. It improves self esteem. (Read more)
  8. It reduces anxiety. (Read more)
  9. It improves erections in men. (Read more)
  10. It alleviates depression. (Read more)
  11. It may reduce hair loss. (Read more)
  12. It improves our ability to deal with stress. (Read more)
  13. It increases libido. (Read more)
  14. It helps prevent cognitive decline in old age. (Read more)
  15. It improves brain development in children. (Read more)
  16. It makes us more creative. (Read more)
  17. It reduces cigarette cravings in smokers. (Read more)
  18. It reduces alcohol cravings in drinkers. (Read more)
  19. It makes us more energetic. (Read more)
  20. It lengthens your life. (Read more)

There’s no time like the present. Why not start a routine of breaking up your sedentary periods with a minute of movement after every 15 minutes of sitting? There are many free interval training apps that work well for this purpose. In my coming articles, I’ll give you lots of ways to get more out of your workouts. Meanwhile, get moving!

Be well,

Dr. Peter Borten

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