When you shine your light into the world

Last week I flew to New York for the launch of our book. I took a cab to an old building in SoHo that had been converted from a restaurant into an airy event space in the midst of an otherwise tight city. The yellowed oak floors were crosshatched with the black scuffs of thousands of night-on-the-town shoes, and hundreds of candles warbled a soft chorus of flickers from nooks on the walls. “This place feels good,” I thought.

Consistent with that first impression, the crowd was lively and had an appetite for our teachings. They laughed at our jokes, they asked thoughtful questions, and when they lined up to get their books signed, we heard at least a dozen stories of how something we said inspired someone in a dramatic way. In short, it was pretty much a personal-growth-author’s dream – and not because we were the center of the room’s attention. It was a dream because we were as inspired by them as they were by us.

It reminded me of a passage from the book that I’d like to share with you:

We believe that the base state of every human’s consciousness is Love. It could also be called Truth or Virtue. Most of us explored and experienced the world from this perspective as a baby. However, through socialization and traumatic events, we gradually accumulated a pile of beliefs and defense mechanisms that tend to override this natural state and impair our ability to experience life in an unobstructed, love-based manner.

This virtue is like light, and humans, when functioning at their healthiest, when doing what might be considered our “soul work” are like carriers of light into the world. When you meet someone with a really healthy soul, isn’t it like encountering light? It’s not a coincidence that we use expressions like “You brightened up my day,” or “She’s a shining star,” or “Look on the bright side” — virtue feels illuminating. And when we say, “Shed some light on the matter,” we mean that the truth, too, is like light. Sometimes one of these bright souls rings up our groceries, or takes our order at a restaurant, or teaches us an otherwise boring subject in school — and we feel positively changed through the encounter, at least temporarily.  

These folks transform the planet. They counteract the fear, stress, and bullshit of the world. They use their light to penetrate and heal the darkness and separation they encounter. There may be nothing conscious or spiritual about it — they’re just being who they are and telling it like it is. They’re simply people in whom virtue is relatively unobstructed. As more people bring more light to the world, the scale starts to tip — away from a history of ignorance, divisiveness, and brutality, and toward understanding, unification, and peace. We want you to be one of these people. Earth will be better for everyone — including you and us — if you are.

We go on to explain how the expression of our truth becomes obstructed and what can be done to rectify this situation. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out our book. Sometimes we say that we do this work for selfish reasons – because we love to be around people who radiate their inner beauty, who share their gifts, who never stop growing and learning. It’s an honor to walk this path with you.

Be well,

Dr. Peter Borten

5 thoughts on “When you shine your light into the world

  1. Reading this article made me smile.

    I’m so very grateful to those that light me up and do so with love.

    I heard a song today, not sure who the artist was, but they sang a line ‘the more we shine our light into the dark the more we chase away our fears’

    For me, I’m making a point of spending more time with those that are bright lights.

  2. Wondering what book you quoted above, love the words and how you shared it and would love to read more! Thank you for shining your light so brightly so the rest of us are feeling the glow and allowing our lights to shine too!

    1. Hi Sonya, the quote is from our book The Well Life. If you’re interested in it you can check it out here: http://thewelllifebook.com
      Shine bright!

  3. Thank you .
    I may be missing it but how do I order a 2017 planner?


    1. Hey Bajei

      Our 2017 calendars are currently sold out and will be back in stock the first week of January. We do still have our undated calendars available at http://Dreambook.vision

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