Conversations with Briana: Self-Love

In this video, Briana explains why self-love is so vitally important, and shares some easy practices you can use fall more deeply in love with yourself and protect your heart from your own inner critic.

12 thoughts on “Conversations with Briana: Self-Love

  1. Thanks for the re-boot!

    1. You’re welcome

  2. Beautifully put, Brianna! Thanks for your wisdom!

    1. You’re welcome friend.

  3. Such amazing strong words of wisdom. Thank you so much for this gift of encouragement 😘

    1. You’re welcome

  4. What a wonderful first-thing-in-the-morning reminder this was. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome. Happy morning!

  5. I’m starting my journey to love myself . Thank you for your wisdom. Blessed be

    1. How wonderful to be on that journey!

  6. I agree with everything and especially protecting your heart. People who have a hard time loving themselves often have terrible boundaries with other people, falling into all kinds of toxic relationships with people who do not value them, only using them. So it’s critical to know how to say NO to the wrong people so you make room for the RIGHT people.

  7. This is something I really struggle with but am so willing to try! I am my own worst enemy & would never allow someone else to talk to me the way that I talk to me. I am going to give it my best effort today!!! Thank you!

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