Physical Fitness and Wellness

Tips for Kicking a Cough

Back when I was a graduate student doing my internship in Chinese Medicine, I got my first patient whose chief complaint was a lingering cough, and I remember thinking, “This… Read More

The Six Keys to a Good Massage

*** CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR NEW ‘LEARN HOW TO MASSAGE’ COURSE *** From the beginning, Briana and I agreed that if The Dragontree could be well known for… Read More

Exercise and the S Word

I already gave you 20 reasons to exercise earlier this month with some of the exercises easily done at home using the best EZ curl bars for bicep curls, and… Read More

The All Day Chicken Dance

In this month’s articles on exercise, I’ve written about the somewhat unfortunate position modern humans are in, whereby many of us can get through life almost without moving, and exercise… Read More

Twenty Reasons to Exercise

Our focus this month is exercise. The benefits of exercise are so tremendous and diverse that nearly any health issue will benefit from it, and nearly any life will be… Read More

Why Fijian Massage?

I often equate Fijian massage to receiving a deep tissue/sports massage without the sharpness that elbows have. For people who need very deep pressure but often feel bruised by a… Read More