Being present

I love meeting new people. Sometimes it is difficult for me to focus on what is actual in front of me though. My mind tends to go a thousand miles a minute and sometimes I miss things. As the Dragontree prepares to expand and pursue our mission of enabling others to become more peace, healthy, balanced human beings, I think being present in your circumstances is one of the most important things I can do.

Today I had the distinct pleasure of being able to assemble our Dragontree Boulder staff for a picnic in the sunny outdoors. It was such a wonderful time of team building and expanding our community. It blesses my heart so much to be able to see so many people that I have come to care about meeting each other for the first time and creating new relationships. It was wonderful to be able to take some time to pause and be present in the moment with my colleagues. As we gear up for The Dragontree’s grand opening, this is something that has been on my mind so much. In order to expand our mission of bringing peace to our community, we much first be present- in our relationships, in our neighborhoods, and where we work. Make eye contact, smile, say hello to someone new. By doing so, you can engage with others and and I hope you’ll join me in spreading the Dragontree’s mission of peace.

Want some more reasons to smile at a stranger?

Charity G. (Spa Director – The Dragontree Boulder)

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