Creativity: It’s Not Optional

Creative people are among our most celebrated historical figures, yet most of us treat creativity as an entirely optional pastime, especially if we see ourselves as “not a creative person.” We all know that gifted individuals such as Einstein, Kahlo, Mozart, Rowling, Socrates, and Edison, who gave life to their creativity, greatly impacted our culture and development. But oddly, unless we’re oozing talent (and even then) we often we view creative endeavors as too frivolous to warrant the expenditure of energy. 

Creativity is one of our most unrecognized and undervalued abilities. Without it, our species would be unremarkable among the animal kingdom. We’d have no tools or clothes, no stories or music, no cooking or language. But because we have creative power we have innovated, and our lives are longer and richer because of it. 

By definition, to create is “to bring into existence.” Consciousness flows through us, we shape it, and something Is brought into existence. Whether we’re aware of it or not, this is special. And it’s happening all the time. 

Some of the most basic expressions of your creative power are the words you choose to speak and write, the ways you move your body, the work you engage in, how you dress and adorn yourself, the food you make, how you choose to spend your money, the affection you give, the plants you grow, the art you put on your walls, and how you choose to show up in your community. 

You are living creativity. You can’t stop it. To be truly aware of this fact is to be empowered and inspired. It can become a spiritual practice. It can become a means of knowing and healing yourself. It can be energizing. It can be fun. It can lift you out of depression and despair. It can give you hope. It can change the world. 

I’d love it if you’d reflect on these questions: 

  • What happens when I own my creative power? 
  • What changes when I become an active participant in the creating that I’m doing? 
  • What does it mean to choose my place in the universe as a creator
  • How do I feel when I let myself create? 
  • Can I tune in to the energy that moves through me and drives my expressions? 
  • What does it feel like?
  • Does this power flow freely or is it impeded in some way? 
  • What happens when I relax and open myself to it? 

Side note: the idea I’m presenting has sometimes been misconstrued by new age thinkers to mean, “You are the sole creator, and everything that happens is because YOU asked for it. So you must have unwittingly brought erectile dysfunction and cankles to the world.” This doesn’t make sense and it’s a recipe for guilt. If you’ve adopted this belief, I encourage you to let it go. 

You share the planet with billions of creators, and you’re not in competition with them. However, most aren’t especially mindful of their creative power. Again, when we be become mindful of it, it’s inspiring and empowering. We’re more effective at bringing our chosen intentions into existence.  And when our intentions arise from love (rather than fear), we’re more effective still. 

The empowering shift I’m suggesting begins simply with mindfulness of the creative power you’re already exercising throughout your life. Gradually you’ll feel less like “life is happening to me” and more like “I’m an active creator in this life.” 

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