Empowering Women. Awakening Dreams. Inspiring Peace.

For 15 years now, Briana and I have been leading this company to provide tools and services that help people heal and grow. We never stop feeling honored and humbled by it.

One thing has troubled us, though.

The great majority of our clients are middle class white people. Don’t get us wrong, we love our clients, but we also know that there are lots of other people who are unlikely to ever find us or have the chance to benefit from our work. And we believe that many of these individuals stand to experience huge transformations when given the opportunity and resources.

There are clear personal benefits to the wellness strategies we teach. More than 50,000 people have used our books and courses, and they’ve shared countless success stories about leaving soulless jobs and finding meaningful work that pays well; repairing damaged relationships; overcoming addiction; regaining vibrant health; getting out of debt; claiming their power; and in many ways, living lives with greater sweetness, peace, and connection.

But the benefits go beyond the individual. When people break free of the struggle to survive, they begin to look outside themselves. When they grow, they naturally want to give back. They discover their worth and they want to share it. And simply by living their potential, they demonstrate new possibilities to their children, friends, family, and coworkers.

It has long been our mission to “seed our community with centered, peaceful, and healthy individuals” and now it’s time to broaden this community. We recently founded a nonprofit charitable organization called The Well Life Foundation for the purpose of empowering women, awakening their dreams, and fostering peace. While there are many communities we want to help, we have a special interest in programs that serve women in transition.

Even in a country as progressive as the U.S., women are still taught, in ways both direct and subtle, that their feelings are less important, their voices less worthy of being heard, and their contributions less valuable, than those of their male counterparts. Meanwhile, our world is facing some big challenges. We believe that women’s ideas are vital to the solution, that women’s insights are instrumental to healing our collective wounds, that women’s voices are essential in the big conversation, and that women’s leadership is integral to our evolution.

Through the Foundation, we will inspire women to set their sights beyond simply making ends meet: we’ll help them see themselves in a new light – not as victims, but as contributors, healers, and even heroes. We’ll teach them the skills to bring their gifts into the world.

Your donations can make this work possible. We’ve started a training program to build a team of coaches to deliver our Well Life curriculum to women in vulnerable populations, and 100% of the profits go to the Foundation. We will be sharing more about these trainings in the upcoming weeks, but you can help us today by making a direct contribution to the Foundation here. And all of your purchases of Dragontree products and services sustain our ability to devote our energy and resources to the Foundation.

We appreciate your support! Together we’ll change the world!

Be well,

Dr. Peter Borten


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