[COVID-19] Rational and practical advice on how to get centered and healthy

Dr. Peter Borten goes live with our community to share his advice on how to stay healthy and well. He covers how to neutralize fears and anxieties while also taking the necessary steps to ensure your health and well-being.

3:30m: Dr. Peter Borten’s lecture begins & he shares rational advice on the coronavirus.
8:17m Traditional Chinese Medicine and treating epidemic diseases.
9:43m: Preventive medicine and treatment options for those sick and with immunity comprised. 
11:00m: Recommended Supplements to be taking right now.
13:45m: Having a structure to reduce anxiety and support your family. 
18:11m: Spirituality & politics.
23:00m: Using acupoint tapping to neutralize difficult emotions like fear and anxiety.
29:50m: How to use acupoint tapping.
32:35m: Tapping to neutralize anxiety and fear of coronavirus.
35:42m: Tapping to neutralize anxiety about finances.
47:33m: Tapping to neutralize fear of needing to go the hospital and not being able to.
49:00m: Creating community & what good has come out of this time.
52:05m: Medical and healing options with Dr. Peter Borten & the Dragontree

Get centered and healthy and Dr. Peter Borten

Rational and practical information about COVID-19 and the value of structure.

Posted by The Dragontree on Friday, March 20, 2020

For those who are sick with COVID-19, have a compromised immune system, or seeking treatment without going into the doctor’s office, we encourage you to schedule a tele-health consultation with Dr. Peter Borten, DAOM.

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